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Fight for Power: I don’t need your approval to do my work, LOP to PM Nabbanja 

By Jimmy Twist


The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga says he does not need the approval or direction of the Prime Minister to carry out his oversight work.

The LOP made the statement during a pressing conference on the state of social services in the country.

“I don’t need her approval or direct to do anything. She must really try to concentrate and you see her lack of concentration is what took her to ‘Mabati’…into what…just concentrate. And I wish people around her can assist her to understand the extent of her work so that they do not scatter her into going to the kind of things that are out of touch,” said Hon. Mpuuga.

According to Mpuuga, Prime Minister Robina Nabbanja is struggling to be relevant, and he can only sympathize with her.

“Maybe if she has time, she can come along with me and learn a few things on how to work and probably learn how governments can work. Maybe it was an admission on her part on the kind of heavy lifting on her shoulders and I can sympathize…she is a humble woman and I have an idea of what she knows and what she can do. But I can only say that I am sympathetic,” he added.

The LOP noted that he is to continue with his oversight duties in different parts of the country and assured the Prime Minister to visit her area in Kakumiro.

“I am the LOP, I speak on behalf of 5million people that voted the opposition in this country…so I don’t need anybody’s permission to do anything and I know the realm, the breadth and width of my work… my powers and privileges but I am sympathetic to her, it is not easy to be relevant.” LOP Mpuuga emphasized.

Article 82A of the Constitution empowers the Office of the Leader of Opposition to keep the government in check and hold it accountable. The same mandate is also highlighted by Section 6E of the Administration of Parliament (Amendment) Act, 2006.



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