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Local political leaders cling to their positions after salary enhancement.

By Muhumuza jimmy 


In the document that was presented by the minister for local government Hon. Raphael Magyezi Committee on Public Service and Local Government, he revealed that the Local government leaders will receive a 100 percent pay increment starting the next financial year.

Magyezi revealed to the committee that was chaired by Hon. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi that they underscored the need to enhance the remuneration of local political leaders, was appearing before the House Committee on Public Service and Local Government, 

“This policy statement prioritizes many areas including the increment of political leaders’ remuneration. Considering the current living costs, it is prudent that they are enhanced,” he said, decrying the low pay for councilors saying that it does not sync with the current economic times.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Ben Kumumanya, said that they will present a Cabinet Paper that will demonstrate a 100 percent increase for all the local political leaders since audits have established that there are gross variations in public servants’ pay.

Currently, chairpersons at Parish and village levels receive a monthly remuneration of Shs10,000; while sub-county chairpersons receive Shs400,000 and Shs35,000 for sub-county councilors. 

Municipal, City, and District Councilors are paid 250,000 Shillings per month, subject to tax. Speakers and Deputy Speakers across various levels range from Shs300,000 to Shs600,000, while members of the City and District Executive Committee receive Shs600,000 per month. City and District Chairpersons earn Shs2 million. 

The Chairperson, Hon. Mapenduzi commended the move by the Ministry to enhance the remuneration of local government political leaders. He however advised the Ministry to reallocate the money meant for inducting councilors to retooling the Parish Development Model since the election period is near.

According to the Ministerial Policy Statement, the Ministry of Local Government has been allocated a budget estimate of Shs202.15 billion, an increase of Shs36.7 billion from the current financial year of Shs166.8 billion.

Some of the Ministry’s priority areas next financial year include reviewing the Decentralization Policy Framework, amendment of the Local Government Act, Cap,243, and implementation of the Parish Development Model.



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