The government’s goat-rearing projects start bearing fruits. 

Barbra Buyinza on her farm in Wakiso District Kampala

By Nuwabine Brian 

Wakiso Gomba

The government Goat Rolling Project under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries has started bearing fruits as beneficiaries share their success stories.

This station visited one of the farmers who at the same time happens to be a nucleolus breeder a one Barbra Buyinza and testified that she has had no regrets ever since she started working with dr Sembeguya from Sembeguya Estate Ltd a company contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture to run this project.

Buyinza says she was identified by Sembeguya company because she was already in this business and was given 10 female and 15 male hybrid goats from South Africa to breed and supply to other farmers who were having challenges with poor breeding of the goats

Buyinza says she’s proud of this pedigree breed that Dr Sembeguya brought for them from South Africa because of the benefits she is enjoying including having a steady daily income since the milk output per goat increased from 1 and a half liters she used to get from local goats she’s now getting 3 liters from each of this pedigree breed

She has clarified farmers’ fears that this hybrid is delicate and can easily die saying that if well managed they are not that delicate, she has advised farmers to always seek knowledge about how to handle them, manage them well, feed well, deworm on time, put a good structure for them adding that above all that is having a passion for the goats.

Other farmers from Gomba have also testified on how goats have helped them on daily income that helped them to build modern houses and pay school fees for their children

“I received a Savana male goat different breed of goats which helped me to get cross breed of which I sale 300,000 shillings and now am able to ran other projects like maize project, cow project among others and we call upon government to inject more money such more people can benefit” says Kirunda Moses. 

However, farmers are discontented with types of fake animal drugs on the market which they say caused some losses to them 

Dr Sembeguya says that this program was designed in a way that caters to all the would-be losses 


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