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NRM leaders Tell President Museveni to stop presidential campaigns over the COVID-19 surge.

Joshua Nahamya


 In a wave of covid-19 deaths, the national resistance movement (NRM) in Isingiro district has proposed the president to cancel all the presidential campaigns that expose Ugandans to the deadly Covid-19 risks and riots from the other candidates who believe in violence.

This was revealed by NRM leaders in Isingiro district while meeting president Museveni during his presidential trial in the Ankole sub-region at Boma grounds in Mbarara.

In a document read by minister Bright Rwamirama, Isingiro leaders resolved that all campaigns should stop since the voters are already aware of their presidential candidates to vote instead of putting Ugandans’ lives at risk of catching Covid-19 pandemic.

“We saw the on-going rallies of our opponents and the increased spread of covid-19 disease so as people of Isingiro we resolved that you put a lockdown or campaigns stop from there because we now know who to vote for” read part of the resolution

Maj. Rwamirama also asked the president to fulfill the 2016 pledges that include; tarmacking of Isingiro roads, water, and electricity to boost agricultural production and the improvement of household income.

John Byabagambi the minister of Karamoja affairs who never had kind words asked NRM leaders to hunt for Museveni votes tirelessly in the Western region.

Byabagambi says it’s high time NRM leaders should think about working for the party rather than focusing on their gains.

“What stupidity is that to find NRM leaders campaigning for independents just because they never sailed through, what sort of nonsense is that? Let’s stop it lets support our movement party” Byabagambi said

He, therefore, asked those who were defeated in primary elections to borrow his leaf and rally behind their contenders instead of dividing the party.

“I accepted the results and I am supporting the flag bearer because five years are few and even after five years I can still campaign for the parliamentary seat if I want. But I am now at peace because being a leader you would be carrying a big burden. Look twenty years as a minister then fifteen years as a minister what else do I want from God” Byabagambi explained

He added that politics is not alpha and omega because there are other things to do for the nation rather than dying in elective politics.

James Tweheyo, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) chairperson representing the workers’ league said Western region results should compensate for the loss the NRM party will suffer from the Central region.

“For the Central region it’s obvious we are going to lose but we want to unite and look for votes that will compensate those that we shall have lost in central region,” Tweheyo says

“We need to remove the small internal weaknesses we have as a party because we want Ankole sub region more than elsewhere” he adds

Nzaire Sedrack Nowomugisha Kaguta, the president’s brother manning Kiruhura district asked Ugandans to vote for president Museveni for continuity of service delivery.

“Look at electricity, roads have no portholes; water is available so we are voting to secure our future let’s not just vote for the sake of voting but let’s all support president Museveni because he is the driver who has driven our bus for over 30 years,” Nowomugisha said

President Museveni said Uganda had become a failed state in terms of security and economy because of tribal and religious politics which caused divisionism for the last 400 years.

“You ask why African states have so many problems and its people suffer so much to an extent of escaping from their countries. And it’s not only Uganda but even other African states about ten look at Somalia, Central African Republic then Mali among others” says Museveni

He adds that the previous governments failed because they messed up with tribalism and religion which intensified divisionism among people that caused no peace for over 600 years (1400-NRM regime).

“In 1986 Uganda was among the four countries with many refugees (50,000) living in Sudan and DR Congo most especially coming from West Nile and a problem was the thinking capacity of its leaders in tribalism and religion for a long time”. Museveni explained

He says that defective analysis of issues can lead to serious results.

“After identity politics for us in NRM we focused at interest politics we never minded about the tribe, religion or sex for us we look at you are performance that enabled us to build a strong army that fought and defeated Idi Amin,” says Museveni

He, therefore, advised his political opponents to desist from tribal and religious conflicts but focus on solving Uganda’s challenges.

 “With tribal and sectarian politics no party would get majority support because if you go to religion, no religion can have 40% then tribes can’t make 17% in Uganda. So if you divide people in tribes and religion then forget to get majority support” says the president

“For us in NRM we don’t focus to who you are we only look at your performance levels”. He adds

According to the NRM roadmap, President Museveni will be campaigning in greater Bushenyi on Tuesday and later hold a national address late in the evening.



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