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Minister Aceng Advises Alcohol Lovers on Covid 19 Vaccination.

By Jimmy Twist 


The minister of health Dr. Ruth Aceng has today advised alcohol consumer that it’s ok for them to continue enjoying their during just after getting vaccination from Covid 19

Aceng revealed this in a press conference that was organized today at the ministry of health that people who drink alcohol should get vaccinated from the deadly Covid 19.

” I had rumors that people who drink alcohol should abstain from enjoying their drink for about 45 days which is not true you can enjoy your drink just after getting your vaccine and there is no science that saying that someone should abstain from drinking after Vaccination “

about 144, 025 have so far been vaccinated from Covid 19 and are waiting for their second doze of AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine.

She also added that the vaccine is free of charge and encouraged Ugandans to report any individual who requests money from Ugandans for vaccination and encouraged Ugandans to go to established areas across the country for vaccination from the deadly covid 19 diseases.

The national vaccination program was roles out on 10 march 2021 with individuals who work in high-risk areas and old people. 



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