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FDC Reveals Plans to Replace Fired Nabossa who was Appointed a Minister in two weeks.

By Barbra Nakitende. 


FDC has revealed plans to replace former Deputy President, Joyce Naboosa Ssebugwawo who was appointed State Minister for ICT within two weeks.

It should be remembered that in the cabinet list that was released Nabbosa Ssebugwawo who is the FDC deputy president was among the ministers who were appointed.

The party president Patrick Amuriat, in a statement the party has released confirmed that Naboosa has accepted the appointment to serve as a State Minister in the NRM Government, which he says violates Article 12 of the FDC Constitution.

Amuriat says that since Naboosa has accepted the appointment she has ceased to be a member of FDC and has accordingly voluntarily relinquished her position as Deputy President.

Amuriat now says that after consultation with the party organs, he will be appointing a caretaker Deputy President within two weeks to replace her. 

He also wished Nabbosa well in whatever she hoped to achieve for her country using the new assignment saying the FDC doors will always remain open to her.

Amuriat also urged FDC Members to appreciate the hard work, sacrifice, and commitment that Naboosa put into the formation, growth, and running of the party over the last more than 20 years of her political life, saying she chose to abandon the political investment out of her own volition especially at this time when the struggle to free this country has reached a critical stage and requires all of us.



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