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Does God Exist? 

By Mwongyera Eustakio

We are remaining with a few days to complete 2022 having successfully celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Recently I heard great world scientists discussing the existence and will of God on BBC. Some of them believe that everything can be proved scientifically and therefore to believe and have faith in God is empty thinking.

Man’s scientific discovery is the result of his ability to prove very little of the enormous hidden realities surrounding him. Man’s mind is thus very limited.

The omnipotent creator brought into existence both the empirical and rational realities that are known and unknown to man.

Many great men put their faith in their intellectualism as the only way to help them discover and prove much about the material world around them.

The wise men are blessed. These are gifted to share the ability to transcend the knowledge of the biological mind and discover realities in the world of the unknown; the world of great ideas. A wise man through meditation can listen to the voice of the unseen God and can respond to it. The wise can discover and rationally prove realities that a common biological human mind cannot.

The intellectually proud scientist is denied the chance of listening to his inner self through a humble meditation prayer. The humble listens to the voice of the unseen; the uncreated creator.

However, a few intellectual scientists are blessed and can also through their humility meditate and share wisdom and for this reason, their faith in God and his will is unshaken.

We may agree that there is no infinite regress. Anything that starts has an end and hence anything to start must have a cause. That cause of all things that exist is God. If we accept this reality then why shouldn’t a great scientist believe in himself? Not to believe in God the source of all things, living and non-living is not to believe in one’s existence since he or she is part of those things created by God.

God created all visible and invisible things from himself because before him nothing was existing. All creatures share the nature of their creator for he created us from himself.

The human mind is so limited that very little in the material world is known to him and the realities of the world are reserved for those humble ones who believe in him. Some scenarios cannot be proved using the human mind. The fact that the scientist`s brain is part and parcel of God’s creation curved by his crafty hands shows that man and God are incomparable.

Man’s little faith in God is the reason for his impunity, the genesis for his self-destruction and pity. His indifference to nature and the environment can be as well attributed to the above authenticity. The bitter part is that man thinks he’s above all and so believes that no one will judge him and hold him accountable for atrocities committed since there is no God.

Scientists should know that God exists and as a matter of fact should let go of material things, accept him as our mighty controller, search for, praise, glorify, and look up to him for the rest of our lives, bearing in our mortal minds that there is judgment and life after death. To you who believe in God, may He bless you and grant you eternal life when this life is gone!

Happy New year 2023. 

Author: The Dawn_Vision For National Justice.

Mwongyera Eustakio




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