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Trade Union Leaders were told to defend workers’ rights.

Doreen Nasiima

Fort Portal

Trade Union Leaders have been urged to focus on defending worker’s rights being their biggest problem.

Arinaitwe Rwakajara the worker’s member of parliament said this during the closure of a two-day training of youth and women trade union leaders that took place at Kalya Courts in Fort Portal City organized by the National Organization Trade Union.

Rwakajara noted that the biggest problem is that the leaders do not concentrate on the national agenda and read more about laws defending workers’ rights but are only involved in political syndicates.

“We need a generation of leaders with skills and knowledge to defend their fellow workers by building strong membership base that priotizing service and accountability” states Rwakajara

Mp Arinaitwe Rwakajara addressing trade Union leaders at Kalya courts in Fort portal

“Focused leaders will help advocate for better working conditions that will help fight merging issues like digitalization that has changed working trends thus leaving many unemployed, climate change disasters among others” Rwakajara adds.

Rwakajara emphasizes that there is a need to skill women and youths to contribute to all union issues and actions not just those on gender equality.

“Employers and government are more likely to listen if union representatives and members have a sound knowledge of the situation, skills and confidence to negotiate in good faith”, explains Rwakajara.

Juma Mwamula the vice chairperson general for the National Organization Trade Union (NATU) advised them to build strong networks, synergies, and collaborations with the Government, CSOs, and NGOs among others to hit their targets.

Mwamula said that since politics decides all key national priorities, there is a need to actively participate in political land space by voting in those with pro-worker voices.

“The other space for worker’s voice is in politics since politicians make polices and laws that address their right violation including the Employment Act 2006, Labour Unions Act 2008 among others” advises Mwamula.



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