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MPs Reject Proposal to Contribute 2million Each for Covid Vaccines.

By Jimmy Muhumuza 


The proposal that was tabled by Zombo district woman Member of Parliament Esther Afoyo Chan requesting that each Member of Parliament contributes 2 million shillings towards the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines to help in the vaccination of school-going children.

the proposal that did not last for a minute after being rejected by members of parliament with the Packwach woman mp Jane Pachuto reminding parliament that the lack of vaccines in the country had nothing to do with financial constraints but their absence on the world market.

The Buhweju county Mp Hon Mwijukye Francis Cited that he can’t allow his money to be given to task national task force because they have never given accountability to last contributions made by Ugandans.

“I can’t allow my money to be given to Dr. Diana Atwine because she is keeping all the money that was given to her to purchase drugs with unknown intentions. I will use the same money to buy scanning machines and give them to my people in Buhweju”.

It should be remembered that the president during his address said that the government is considering vaccinating all learners aged between 12-18 years as one of the means to ensure their safety at schools.

This prompted the deputy speaker Anita Among to direct that however has any contributions to take them to the national task force.



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