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Politics is Over Now! Release Our People-Mufti Mubajje to Museveni.

By Jimmy Twist


The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje wants all those arrested as a result of the election process pardoned.

Mubajje who was leading Eid Elfitiri prayers at the Ghaddafi National Mosque in old Kampala says that since President Yoweri Museveni has been sworn in, he should forgive those arrested during and after the election period.

He also wants motorcycles confiscated for breaching curfew regulations handed back to the owners.

Meanwhile, Mubajje calls for dialogue in areas across the world that are under conflict as he also condemned the renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

From Kibuli, the acting supreme Mufti Shiekh Muhamood Kibaate urged president Museveni to ensure that mistakes committed in the past tenure are not repeated.

Kibaate says that the past tenure was characterized by human rights violations, killings, and corruption among other challenges that should not happen as he begins a new term in office.

His message was re-echoed by a Lecturer at the Islamic University in Uganda Dr. Abdul Hafizi Walusimbi who cautioned about the misuse of guns.




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