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Security in Mbarara Foils Mbarara city South Failed Mp Contestants Mbarebakis’ Goons as the scuffle for pending payments continues.

By Joshua Nahamya


Security in Mbarara on the night of the 13/01/2021 arrested 11 individuals and others still at large that were being distributed to different locations within Mbarara City south polling stations to cause violence during presidential and Mp elections.

On interrogation they confessed that they had been ferried in coaster buses 35 to 40 in number from areas of Nakulabye, Mengo, Ndeeba, Natete, and Kisenyi all in the capital Kampala by Mr. Mbarebaki Emmy a candidate contesting for a member of parliament for Mbarara city south constituency to guard and cause violence in suspected areas at whatever cost.

 They revealed that he had promised to pay them 150,000/ shillings per person only giving them a deposit of 20,000/ shillings and refused to provide the balance to those who worked and the one for their detained colleagues. 

These individuals were being housed in the home of Rtd Maj. Mutungi Willy who at the time of the event was admitted at Doctor’s Plaza Mbarara though he is a relative to the candidate but denied any involvement in the matter.

They were intercepted by security being distributed past curfew hours to their different locations.

The file was submitted to the Resident State Attorney for perusal and it was sanctioned today so they wait to appear before courts of law.



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