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My take on the Ukraine-Russia War, Religious leaders, where are you!

Allow me to present my discontentment to the whole clergy for paying little attention to the matters concerning conflict resolution in the whole world particularly Russia and Ukraine wars. Humbly, I call for your intervention in this current disastrous war that may escalate into a third world war.

I profusely implore you to use the holy power entrusted to you by God to call for an international conflict resolution convention to settle the war. With all due respect, all religious denominations and their heads will respond to your call to this effect.

Now is the critical time when world religious leaders should get together and stand between Mr. Putin and Ukraine, the west, the EU, and NATO.

Jesus would descend from the heavens and chair the first-ever religious conflict resolution convention. All hardened hearts would melt in the presence of the king of kings and lord of lords. Mr. Putin would surely abandon the war and let peace prevail.

The Russian war in Ukraine remains a threat to human life and world peace. This war can be put to an end without any further shedding of blood. President Putin is a man of a sound mind. What is disturbing him is based on suspicion. He fears for his hard-won dignity and reputation. I don’t think this should make Putin behave irrationally and destroy his kinsmen and neighbors.

Not being able to understand the mind of the west, EU and NATO, Mr. Putin seems to uphold his invasion in the process of protecting his world’s dignity and that of Russia. He seems to think that any time his country may be taken by surprise by what he terms as the aggressive west through Ukraine.

The only way Putin will stop the war and withdraw his forces is to make him get security guarantees from the west, EU, and NATO and not Ukraine which he views as the mask of west aggression.

Mr. Putin does not want to appear as a failure. You and I would behave the same if the sincere sense of objectivity was to apply. Putin needs to be helped out of this dilemma. He doesn’t have to destroy his hard-earned reputation through a hopeless war that contravenes the UN convention on territorial boundaries chatter.

Mr. Putin should not be left to destroy himself, his family, his country, and the whole world for fear of facing shame. This would be a disservice to his personality, friends, and to the entire religious world of peacemakers.

By Mwongyera Eustakio

Author of the dawn,_ Vision for National Justice



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